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Testergebnisse de Les:

Welche Finsternis besitzt du?

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beautiful Dark

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What Evanescence song are you?
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Going Under
Your Evanescence song is: Going Under
You are or have been in a relationship where
you were suppressed and unhappy. You were
treated badly, and were somewhat brainwashed.
Now you've woken up and are in deep pain. You
want some gratitude for all things you have
done for him/her, but don't get any. You feel
like you are falling and have difficulty
getting back on the right track again since
your mental abuse has taken a toll on you.

Screaming Deceiving and Bleeding for you
And you still won't hear me

Welches ist Dein Seelentier?
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Die Eule ist Dein Seelentier.
Du bist sozial veranlagt, hilfst gern, beraetst
gern, bist sachlich und hast meist eine sehr
objektive Sicht der Dinge.
Die Weisheit koenntest Du mit Loeffeln gefressen
haben, denn taktisch klug sind meist Deine
Antworten. Du bist eher der Beobachter, eine
boese Stimme wuerde Dich traege nennen, aber
dem ist sicherlich nicht so, auch wenn Dir die
Spontanitaet fehlt. Du planst lieber Deine
Aktionen, weisst sehr viel, bist einsichtig und
eher ein ruhiges Wesen.

Zu welchem Harry Potter-Charakter passt du am besten?
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Du passt am besten zu George Weasley.
George Weasley

Welche Elfe bist du?
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gelbe Elfe
Du bist eine gelbe Elfe!
gut gelaunt und aufbrausend
Du bist eine sehr offene und direkte Person, die
gleich alles sagt, was sie denkt. Meistens bist
du gut gelaunt und bringst andere gerne zum
Lachen. Bei schlechte Laune in deiner Clique
sagst du irgendwas anderes immer, was zum Thema
gar nicht passt. Meistens machst du andere mit
deiner offene Laune wuetend und es kommt zum
Streit, aber meistens gibst du nach und
beginnst wieder ein Unsinn, was wieder zum
Streit folgt, aber alle deine Freunde moegen
dich darum, weil du immer so direkt und offen
bist. Du luegst sehr selten.
Ein Tipp:

Welches Wesen bist du?
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Du bist eine Nixe!

Which Angel of Darkness are you? (pics)
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You're the caged angel. You're either trapped
inside your mind or emotions. You're stuck in a
big mess of problems and in a way, you're
hiding. You're actually a kind person who wants
people to like you and be kind back. You don't
know what to do. You want so badly to get out,
but you're afraid to leave and afraid to stay.
The outside world is scary to you because you
have a fragile soul and you break down easily
after so many jerks won't get off your case.
It's a shame to keep such a beautiful soul
locked up.

What is your connection with darkness? [pics]
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Your connection with darkness is because of your
interest in magic. You like spells, herbs,
maybe even voodoo-dolls. You like it very much,
and probably even have books or found
Internet-sites where magic is the topic. You
probably mean no harm with this, well perhaps
to some. Most people who are aware of your
interest mistakes you for a Satan-worshipper.
You're missunderstood, but have your friends.
You probably are a wiccan or something related
and are interested in mother nature, souls and
spirits. You prefer the forrest(or park) before
the city. Remember, all can't always

How will you die?
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You will kill yourself and only you know why. You
hope you will not hurt anyone with your death.
You just can't stand living.

,Ändere dich nicht
...sei immer anders

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